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Real estate Bonaire samen gebr acht op één site: CASnan.com

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Holiday Bonaire: Bonaire real estate brought together on one site: CASnan.comHoliday Bonaire «holiday houses for a super holiday on Bonaire |Main menu | Cash Blau: tropical vacation house on Bonaire» 29 november 2008Onroerend good Bonaire brought together on one site: CASnan.com

CasnanCAsnan is a website that the ambition of the most complete overview of all available real estate on Bonaire. It is a site for people who are on vacation and looking for an apartment, holiday apartment Or villa. But even if you're looking for a sale property, can be found on this site a wide range of real estate on Bonaire.

CASnan.com is not a broker, but is a site for which the homes and real estate agents have in portfolio goeddie, met gebrachtVele brokers in Bonaire works now together with CASnan.com and make as the overview of real estate on Bonaire as complete as possible.

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Hello Hey, could it be a little less, there is also on your home appropriate hear!!!!

Posted by: lotje | 07 november 2009, at 09: 39 nmTon Frissen

I wish to thank the following, possible also made for the benefit of your or your acquaintances.

Recently I had a bungalow villa on Bonaire bought because my work a lot in the middle area of Bonaire. The purchase is partly intended as pensions. I want this villa, which is currently still under construction and in mid-August 2009 will be ready, rent.

It is a 6 person villa on a small gated community on the outskirts of kralendijk in Bonaire. The villa, type Flamingo 3B, has a living room with very luxury kitchen in American style. French doors lead to a large terrace (4 x 7,5 mtr). The House has 3 bedrooms with closets. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning. There is also the House about 2 bathrooms including WC. The home is practical, comfortable and (optionally) fully equipped, including washing and drying equipment. There is a private driveway for your car. On the park is currently 1 swimming pool with Sun terrace and including sun loungers. A 2nd swimming pool will be ready may 2010.

The rent price amounts, based on a minimum one year contract, € 1350.00 per month excluding gas/water and electricity.
Via the e-mail address tfrissen@xs4all.nl for further information See also www.regattaresidence.com

With kind regards.

Ton Freshen Up


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